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About me and what I offer

I am an experienced and professionally qualified person-centred psychotherapist.  I have a diploma and an MSc in person-centred psychotherapy from a rigorous five-year professional training at Metanoia Institute in London.  


My experience has been built through offering one-to-one therapy to clients through different organisations, including several years with Mind.  I continuously renew my training through professional development courses.  

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I offer a warm, accepting and authentic way of being with my clients and work alongside them collaboratively, as an equal.  My expertise is not based on explaining you to you.  I believe that no one knows better about what it’s like to be you than yourself.  Instead, I work with clients as individuals, without assumptions or preconceptions about how they might be experiencing their difficulties.  


If you decide to work with me, you can expect me to respect your experience, without trying to impose my own interpretation, analysis or judgement of the situation.  You can trust me to be honest with you – if what you’re saying seems to be different to how I experience you, I may raise that for you to consider. Together, we work to fully understand your situation and to work through the challenges you are facing.


It is important to feel safe within therapy, and trust built within a therapeutic relationship is essential.  It is important to me – and vital in the work that I do – that my practice prioritises high standards of ethics, integrity and confidentiality.  I am professionally registered with the UKCP, the professional body that regulates psychotherapy practice, and adhere to its Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. For more information on this, please see here.

Why online?

I have been trained to work face-to-face, online and over the phone.  When building my practice, I took the decision to prioritise remote practice, as it is important to me to make therapy available to the widest group of clients.  Some clients are not able to get to a particular place for a designated time each week, there are those whose mobility makes it difficult for them to travel, others simply feel more comfortable in their own chosen space for therapy sessions. Providing remote working over zoom or by phone allows me to offer greater flexibility to clients, making it easier for them to slot a 50-minute session into their lives.  For the time being, my practice is entirely remote.

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