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About therapy

People come for therapy for a variety of reasons – but are typically searching to create change in themselves or in their situation.  Your reasons will be personal and individual to you, and therapy offers a dedicated space designed to help you to unravel difficulties and bring clarity.  It provides the opportunity to discover yourself, to explore what you’d like and how you’d like to be.  


Being heard by someone who listens empathically, and without judgement, enables you to feel acknowledged and understood.  And, within this accepting environment, you can feel safe to discuss whatever it is that concerns you.  Exploring – and owning – your thoughts and feelings, including those that are uncomfortable, helps you to make sense of what’s going on for you.  From this place of awareness, you may be empowered to make choices about changes you might like to make.

What therapy does not provide

Therapy is not about giving advice or opinions, but instead helps you to understand whatever it is that feels out of sorts in your life.  It doesn’t present the answers to your difficulties; any answers – if they are to be right for you – need to come from you.  But if resolutions seem out of reach, it can help to talk through your problems with a trained professional. 

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